We offer the soul of the fruit

Who we are?

The Marillen is a 100% Hungarian-owned small enterprise which has been on the market for more than 30 years. Our partners choose us thanks to our premium quality products, our reliable and flexible operation as well as decades of manufacturing experience.

Through the years we invested in long term partnerships with suppliers from all over Hungary and across Europe. Our extensive search to find the best fruits and vegetables enable us to offer a consistent premium quality. In addition to that we have our own 60 hectare orchard, where we locally grow fruits to process. In our orchards we have sour cherry, apricot, peach and plum trees. From 2022 in a part of our orchard we will start to conversion to organic farming.

The wide range of our product list and decades of manufacturng experience allow us to fully serve the constant and new needs.

Our History

The history of Marillen Gyümölcsfeldolgozó Kft. dates back more than 30 years:


Lenin Mg. Termelőszövetkezet started to build the fruit processing factory. The production of fruit purees started in the end of this year via the Termelőszövetkezet.

Marillen Kft.

Marillen Gyümölcsfeldolgozó Kft. was established, the company starts to work independently. Initially it rents the factory from the Termelőszövetkezet. In 1993 Marillen bought the factory.


Marillen planted the first apricot trees in the orchard of Kiskunfélegyháza. From the next year Marillen started organic production which was controlled by SKAL Biocontrol.

Cold store

Marillen finished the first step of building the cold store: 5 cold chamber and 1 freezer chamber. The orchard in Kiskunfélegyháza was expanding to 22 ha.

ISO 9001

6th cold chamber and intermittent freezer were put into operation. Marillen started to produce frozen fruits, vegetables. The product range was expanding: started the production of baking stable fillings. New quality management system was introduced: ISO 9001 standard.

Product range

In the cold store the fluid freezer system started the operation with production of IQF fruits, vegetables. From this year organic production was controlled by Biokontroll Kft.

60 Ha

Marillen expanded the size of own orchards to 60 ha with plantation of orchard in Matkópuszta.

FSSC 22000

Marillen introduced a new quality management system: FSSC22000 to response to new challenges.


Marillen expanded the size of the cold store with increasing of capacity of freezer chamber and fluid freezer.

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